Fotball mot rasisme i Europa

The FARE - Football Against Racism in Europe- network co-ordinates action against racism in and around football stadiums across Europe. Each year they organise an action week where football fans, ethnic minorities and football clubs will stand united against discrimination. This year it takes place from 14 until 26 October 2004.

FARE provides small-scale funding for local initiatives during the European-wide Week of Action from fan clubs, ethnic/black/migrant organisations, refugees and asylum seekers, amateur football clubs, anti-discrimination groups, schools….

The wide range of activities supported will include the printing of fanzines, leaflets and posters, the production of fan choreographies and banners, as well as the organisation of stadium action and community days. There will also be specific anti-discrimination events such as tournaments and debates. They also encourage actions against homophobia in football stadiums.

In order to apply, you need to:

Describe briefly the planned activities or events during the FARE Action Week (14- 26 October 2004).

Provide details of the person/organisation who will receive the grant in the finanical sheet
The financial contribution will not exceed EUR 400 including taxes (V.A.T.).

The aim is to support action in as many European countries as possible, even if all activities in a single country may not be supported.


1 October 2004. The earlier you provide the information, the better chance you have to receive support

Football Against Racism in Europe Action Week

FARE - Football Against Racism in Europe
Coordination Office
c/o FairPlay-vidc
Moellwaldplatz 5/3
A-1040 Vienna
phone: ++43-1-713 35 94-90
fax: ++43-1-713 35 94-73

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