Støtte til Europeiske ungdomsorganisasjoner

Dette tiltaket er rettet mot frivillige ungdomsorganisasjoner som jobber i en europeisk kontekst. Hovedmålsetningen er å stimulere til utvikling av frivillige ungdomsorganisasjoner og aktiviteter på et europeisk nivå.
Søknadsfristen er 31.desember 2004

Global budget: 2,31 Million Euros
* Amount awarded per project: 35 000 Euros
* Closing date(s): December 31 2004
* Priorities and financed activities:
The main aim of these grants is to reinforce Community action in the field of youth and to increase its effectiveness by providing support to organisations active in this field.

Thse grants aim to cover operating costs of:
1. non-profit-making body whose activities are solely for the benefit of young people or a body with wider aims, part of whose activities are solely for the benefit of young people; in both cases, the body must involve young people in managing the activities conducted for their benefit 2. a European network representing non-profit-making bodies working for the benefit of young people and involving young people in their activities.

Eligible organisations:
To be eligible for an operating grant, the organisations must fulfil the following requisites:

- Legally established for more than one year;
- Non-governmental
- Non-profit-making
- Youth organisation, or an organisation with a broader scope but which includes a section of its activities exclusively dedicated to youth
- Receive co-financing amounting to at least 50% of its total annual budget from sources other than the European Union budget
- Include, among its staff, at least one permanent person

The applicant organisations must have active members in at least eight of the countries participating to the programme.

The organisations must make provisions in their annual programme for a series of activities devoted to promoting and developing European ideals among young people and helping young people to play an active part in European civil society.

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* Contact: Helpdesk
Tel : 32 2 298 68 77
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